The Western Ligand Blot is a functional bioassay for the quantitative detection of intact IGF binding proteins (IGFBPs).

1. IGFBP biomarker quality

Immunological methods such as ELISA use antibodies and detect antigens on the surface of intact and fragmented IGFBPs. The qWLB measures only intact and biologically active IGFBPs, providing you with a meaningful biomarker.

2. All IGFBPs in one test

Immunological tests only detect one specific IGFBP, so you need to determine in advance which IGFBP you want to determine in your sample. This is not necessary in the qWLB test, as the qWLB detects the entire IGFBP spectrum of a sample. Important biomarker information is not lost.

3. IGF binding capacity

The total IGF binding capacity of a sample is recorded.

4. Translational research in vertebrates

Immunological analysis are species specific, so test systems are not available for all species. The qWLB captures all active IGFBPs in all vertebrates studied to date. Therefore, you can directly compare results from different studies.